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The Educational Project

“The Educational Project”, the World Chemical CO., Ltd is
dealing; our supporting themes are the human resources
development contains, career education abilities, human skills, management skills, leadership, action-learning method and so on.


Would you like to try an effective and neuroscientific memorizing

method ― what we call “the active-brain” method ― for your
staff training? Our Supporting theme is a successful human resource development in terms of career education abilities,

management skills, human skills, leadership and action-learning method. We are suggesting people like you who are in charge of personnel matters thinking that your original staff in-house training is not enough. Would you like to try our active-brain method for your staff training, which will give you a dramatic result? In two and a half years, we have been providing over five hundreds of people an original training program which contains active-brain method. What is practical and rewarding about training programs is after all, whether you can make it a good use or not. In other words, the point is, by spending your precious time, how much you can give a good result by using the knowledge you’ve learnt.


Everyone Can Do It! Easy Way of Memorizing (Active-brain Method Seminar).

We’ll provide you a memorizing method “the active-brain“ method which is based on a neuroscience, as a staff training program. According to our survey, eighty seven percent of people has the experience of forgetting the names of the business partners and turn pale. Being forgetful will take away your confidence gradually.


Of course, it’ll effect badly to your business scenes as well. By learning the method of memorizing and remembering, it’ll be very easy to make match between the names and the faces. Also, some were celebrated and pleased by their family members because they have passed the qualifying exams, got promoted by using active-brain method in their business scenes, and their salaries have increased. Others say, “Now I only need to spend one fourth of the time to make documents.” “the active-brain” method is a method of memorizing that will absolutely help you to make your work much more efficient.

Building Up the Career Education Abilities (Team Building)

The trust from the members will become your energy to act. Who you are will be the source of their energy.

The experience learning of team building is a program that with the same staffs, you’ll make a dramatic result you’ve never had with them before. The combination of what you’ve realized through the program and the action-learning method that will actually help you in real life are going to let your team that couldn’t have a good result achieve a huge success. Our program is covering twelve career education abilities that METI is recommending.


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