2. About World Chemical : Environmental Activities
About World Chemical
For the Environment, We are aiming to circulation-type society.
We will meet the needs to lower the environmental load, like reduce of CO2 emission, zero-emission initiative, energy-saving project, biomass utilization, with our material recycling scheme, and exploration of state-of-the-art advanced materials.
Recycle Scheme Management

We are approaching various projects to reduce the environmental burdens.

Contribution to Environment
  • Energy Saving
  • Low-Carbon Circulation-Type Society
  • Carbon-Footprint Reduction
  • Proposal of Segregation Workflow
  • LCA Cost Reduction
  • Conservation and Replacement of Rare Metals
  • Stable Supply of Recycled Material
  • Sourcing of Advanced Materials
  • Sourcing of Low Environmental load Material
Contribution to Environment
Contribution to Local Society
We are offering segregation of waste products as active learning program in schools for disabled people, and creating some new scheme of material recycling. Through these activities, we focus on social action programs.
  • Segregation of used optical fiber cables
  • Segregation of used train seats
  • Cap of cooking gas canisters made from recycled plastic
Contribution to Local Society

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