2. Company Profile : Environmental Policy (ISO 14001)
Company Profile
Environmental Policy (ISO 14001)
Environmental Policy (ISO 14001)

Basic principles

Our company will create environmentally sound business through the sales activities of plastic, rubber, chemical and metal product, domestic and international. We will balance the environment and the business activities on a consistent basis to contribute to the construction of circulation-type society and recycling-oriented economic system.


Basic methodology

  • Being conscious of the environmental loads possibly caused by our business activities, we will manage to prevent any pollution previously, and improve our environmental management system continuously.
  • Through our business activities, we put emphasis on following points and go ahead with them.
    1) Implementation of the environmentally sound business concentrating on material recycling.
    2) Implementation of energy-savings, resource-savings, and recycling activities.
    *The intentions and objectives, which we implement for, would be reviewed as needed.
  • We respect all legal requirements concerning our business activities and observe all requirements we have agreed to.
  • We will instruct all of our employees and persons who work for us to recognize our environmental policy and go ahead with it.
  • We disclose our environmental policy to the public.

Shinnosuke Abe
World Chemical Co., Ltd. Representative Director

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