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Message from the President

With Your Life, With the Future of the Earth.

"As a company, which contributes to the future of the Earth, we will create a new history." This has been our determination since we celebrated 40th year of World Chemical in 2010.

We deploy our business to very wide and various fields.

However, it was mainly limited in domestic trading field, and almost all of our customers and products were inside Japanese market.

There have been a lot of changes like global environment conservation, increase in world population, and fast economic growth of emerging countries. To keep up with those changes, we also should change our business style.

In this global trend, constructing a business, which can contribute to the future of the Earth, will end up growth of our own. And now, we are making sincere effort to build up new business models to bring our vision into reality.


And, we attach the most importance to human-resources. We respect a person who has one's dream and goal and challenges toward it with great passion and strong will. We will always provide our employees with good opportunities and ideal conditions to grow through their work.


Yasuo Yoshimura,
Representative Director

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