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Company Data

Company name
: World Chemical Co., Ltd.
: August 1970
Company address
: Ningyou-chou Central Building, 1-10-14 Horidome-chou, Nihonbashi,
  Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012, Japan

: TEL: +81-03-3662-4945 (pilot number), FAX: +81-03-3639-9400
: 45 million yen (Authorized Capital: 180 million yen)
: Shinnosuke Abe, Representative Director

Products and Services
: Environment and Recycle field

> Synthetic resin
PC, Recycled plastic pellet, Formed recycled plastic product
Recycle of industrial waste products

> Synthetic rubber
Recycled rubber chip, Formed product
Recycle of industrial waste products

> Industrial waste fiber, Addition, Formed product
Industrial waste glass, into Recycled heat insulating material
Industrial waste metal, into Recycled product
Industrial waste thinner, into Recycled thinner

Pavement and Traffic material, Civil engineering material field

> Pavement material
Improvement additive for paving asphalt
Asphalt binder for aesthetic pavement
Asphalt aggregate for aesthetic pavement

> Civil engineering material and product

Electronics and Mechatronics field

> Electronics material and product
Conductive Tray, Magazine rail, Carrier tape

> Electronics parts and Mechatronics product

> Media product

> Informational
Data conversion

House equipment and material field

> Metal material

> Chemical product
Formed plastic product, Heat insulating material, Artificial marble stone,Formed rubber product, Seismic isolation rubber

Automotive parts field

 Brake lining material, Synthetic rubber, Synthetic plastic

Raw material

> Synthetic plastic

> Synthetic rubber

> Material for rubber development

> FRP material

> Formed synthetic plastic product

> Silicone product

Other product

> Chemical product

> Container
200 liter Drum can, 20-liter pail can, Oil can, Auto fill (a liquid container), Plastic pail can, Styrofoam cold storage

Educational business

 Training course, Lecture, Coaching
"Active Brain Seminar" >> Detailed information

Oversea field

> Import and export management

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